Key Policy

To apply for a university key

  1. Complete a key request form (forms can be obtained by contacting Gloria Miller or by the department associated with the key being issued)
  2. Obtain signature from department representative
  3. Submit form to ATTN: Gloria Miller, 901 Facilities Ave.
  4. If the request is granted, you will be contacted with instructions for obtaining the requested key(s)

Conditions of Issuance

  1. All keys remain the property of Missouri S&T and shall be returned to the university under the following conditions:
    Faculty and Staff:
    • Upon transfer to another building or department
    • Upon termination of employment
    • Upon being granted a leave of absence without pay for a period of 30 calendar days or more
    • Upon request of the university Access Coordinator
    • At end of each academic semester or period after which key will not be used for at least 30 calendar days
    • Upon request of the university
  2. No key shall be transferred, loaned, or duplicated
  3. The loss or theft of any key shall be reported immediately to the department chairman or administrative head
  4. Keys shall be used for purpose of conducting official univeristy business only
  5. Individuals entering or leaving a locked area shall be responsible for securing all doors, and be help responsible for any loss or damage to university property resulting from failure to do so
  6. Key deposits are held until such time as key(s) are returned. If key is lost/stolen, deposit will not be returned