Installing Electronic Locks

Why Electronic Locks

Electronic locks provide greater security while allowing you to more tightly manage who has access to the rooms you've been assigned. The S&T centrally-managed system is connected to campus data, so people information is always current. Here's what you gain by having electronic locks installed on the rooms you are assigned:

  • Users will use their campus ID card rather than physical keys to access rooms. This saves you from having to track keys and take action when they are lost. When a card is reported lost, the access is disabled for that card immediately.
  • View access logs for whose card was used to access a room
  • Set up Synchronized Access and give students enrolled in specific classes or degree programs access to a room; when students add or drop classes or degree programs, your room access is automatically updated.
  • Create an automatic lock/unlock schedule to control when your room is unlocked
  • Require card plus pin number for added security
  • Ability to adjust access to a room yourself if you choose

If you're interested in having electronic locks installed on a room you are assigned, enter a project estimate (service) request on our website. We'll meet with you to understand your needs, prepare an estimate and take care of installation.