Physical Keys

Requesting and Obtaining Keys

To obtain keys, your department access coordinator must submit an online key request. After your key is approved, and once keys are ready for pickup, the keyholder will be contacted and must visit General Services Building to pick up keys.

Key and Access Policy

The Key and Access Policy provides detailed information regarding the request and approval process for key and electronic access. It also defines acceptable use of keys, access cards, and locks.

Transition to New Procedures

Missouri S&T is in the process of implementing new policies, procedures, and key software. These changes are designed to improve the safety and security of our campus.

Electronic Locks

Several locks at S&T are controlled electronically and operate with the S&T MinerCard. Electronic locks provide greater security & control than physical keys and provide a greater level of convenience for campus users requiring more specific access needs.

Having Trouble?

First, check your card version to make sure that you have the correct version. If you have the Miner Card 2.0 version and think your card should work on a specific door, send an email to We're here to help, and we try to respond to all requests within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Understanding Access

S&T has two kinds of access: manual and synchronized. Manual access is granted on a case by case basis and requires access coordinator approval. Synchronized access is connected to campus data; when your campus data updates, so does your access.

Requesting Access

To request access to a room with electronic access, reach out to your access coordinator or email Once your access coordinator approves the request, access is typically granted within 48 hours.

Some locks require a card + PIN to be accessed. Visit the PIN Application to create or reset your PIN.

If you've lost your ID card, you can report it lost by visiting the Lost Card Application. You can also use this application to check your card version.

In the unlikely event of a system outage, procedures are in place to ensure doors can still be accessed. Visit the system outage procedures page for more information.