Miner Locks Require Miner Card 2.0 or Greater

Miner Locks Use the Secure, Contactless RFID in Your Miner Card.

How to Check Your Card Version

  1. You can check your card version by logging into the Miner Card Lost Card App.
  2. Follow the link to "If you have a valid SSO login, please click here to deactivate/reactivate your card." Note: Logging into the Lost Card App will not deactivate your card; you have the option to deactivate your card after you login.
  3. Login with you campus single sign on (SSO) credentials.
  4. Your card version is listed on that page. Miner Card 2.0 or greater is the card version that is required to operate the Miner Locks system.

What Your Card Version Means

Miner Card 2.0 or Greater

You have the most current version of the Miner Card, and your card is ready to use on the Miner Locks system.

Miner Card 1.0

You will need to take your ID card to the Miner Card ID Office to have it re-encoded at no cost to you.

Miner Card Magstripe Only

You will need to visit the Miner Card ID Office to purchase a new version of the Miner Card. Beginning in August 2014, Missouri S&T introduced a secure, contactless RFID technology into its Miner Card ID. All ID cardholders were encouraged to receive a replacement card at no cost during the transition period. The transition period details were heavily published in the eConnection for the duration of the transition period, and the transition period ended in February of 2015.

My Card Still Doesn't Work

If you have been assigned access to a door and have the Miner Card 2.0 card version, but your card still doesn't work on Miner Locks, email locks@mst.edu for assistance.